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Working together to make

our Communities Safer.


Dear Community Member:

This email is in reference to Legislation on Sex Offenders. Please open the links below.  They are for 3 different components of Legislation. All need to be completed to be effective.  There is power in numbers and we can make a difference by working together to make our communities safer.

1- Letter to Legislation - CLICK HERE 

Please sign this document and email to the following email addresses:

2- Petition for Residency Restriction - CLICK HERE 

Please enter your information into this form to add your name to the Petition for Residency Restriction.

3- Petition for Community Protection Act- CLICK HERE 

Please read the enclosed letter from County Executive Steve Bellone. Upon completion please go to the Link below and enter your information into his petition for the Community Protection Act. CLICK HERE FOR STEVE BELLONE'S PETITION



Thank you for all of your support on this

very important matter.

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