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Gift Cards of Hope Program

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Now that the holidays are upon us.........What better way to make them more meaningful

than participating in our Gift Cards for Hope Program. You can be part of a

growing holiday tradition by helping those in need.


Giftcards make outstanding gifts for struggling practical families.

They aren't disliked, they don’t have nuts (watch out for allergies), & they don't even need to be wrapped. Instead of giving families material items, we are looking to give struggling families in need a Holiday filled with Hope by giving them a gift they can choose for their family personally.  Of course we will accept any type of giftcard but if you havent already purchased one please consider giftcards from stores such as Walmart, Target, Food Supermarkets & other stores where families can buy necessities.


Questions: Please Email


Please mail giftcards to: Hope Floats Long Island , 36 Livingston Ave, Babylon, NY, 11702.

Donations are 100% tax deductible for the full face value of the card or its actual residual balance. Please provide us with a name and address for the receipt.  If you would like to drop it off, please email us at: or call 631-863-WISH.


Deadline: Hope Floats Long Island will be collecting gift cards til Dec. 20th, 2016 for our Holiday Program but gift cards can be donated all year long to continue to help families struggling.


Your privacy is protected, as the families are not informed who was involved in the gift card donation, nor the redemption.  


Thank you for being the Hope.


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